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April 29, 4:00pm, Cochran Hall, 110 Cashmere Ave, Khandallah.

The Pink Hammer

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Auditions for The Pink Hammer by Michele Amas;

Sunday April 29, 4:00pm, Cochran Hall, 110 Cashmere Ave, Khandallah.

Season: July 19th to 28th

A very funny kiwi play about “four women, a handful of tools and a whole lot of trouble”

The Pink Hammer premiered at The Pumphouse Theatre in Auckland in 2013, where the NZ Herald called it “an explosive collision between old-school carpentry and contemporary sexual politics”, involving “an authentic kiwi bloke” and “a lively quartet of women who are more interested in socialising than acquiring DIY skills”.

This KAT production will be the first time it is seen in Wellington.

The action takes place in a recently-made-redundant builder’s most private and well ordered space, his workshop/garage.
Four women arrive for a carpentry course to be tutored by his wife. Unbeknown to either him or her prospective pupils, she has just left him. The hapless builder realises he has no option but to teach the women some basic carpentry skills so they will leave and he can return to his former orderly life.

As the back-stories of all five characters and the clashes of their various world views unfold the audience is treated to an experience that is often funny, often poignant, and always hugely entertaining.

This is an opportunity to perform well-delineated characters with both great comic timing and real emotional depth. Michele Amas was an actor for many years before she wrote The Pink Hammer, and so she has created 5 satisfyingly playable parts.

Rehearsals start on May 13th and the season runs from 20th to 28th July.


Annabel:(late 40’s – 50’s) A counsellor in private practice, she also runs the Dickens Book Club. Was an active feminist in the early ‘80s. Wants to build a Victorian-style display cabinet for her complete works of Dickens

Louise: (50’s) A nurse, moved home to care for her parents. Has many dark shadows in her life and is easily spooked. Wants to build a small house one day.

Helen: (50’s – 60’s) Prefers horses to people. Has two grown-up sons to different fathers, both of whom were jockeys. She never married. Wants to build a coffin

Siobhan: (30) Irish, lives with her cousin. Works at the local vet’s clinic and is in love with Martin, a vet who “has extraordinary hands” but is married. Wants to build a luxury dog kennel to snugly house Martin’s labradoodle

Woody: (30’s) A carpenter recently made redundant. Married for four years to Maggie but recently separated. Woody may know about tools but to him empowerment sounds like something you plug into a wall socket. Wants to build a way to get these bloody women out of his workshop!

To audition: turn up at Cochran Hall at 4pm on Sunday April 27th.
To find out more: call Lynn on 027 600 5366 or email her at