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Sunday 1 August at 3pm
It’s My Party
(And I’ll Die If I Want To)

by Elizabeth Coleman
directed by Ewen Coleman

Venue:            Cochran Hall, 110 Cashmere Avenue, Khandallah
Season:           15 to 23 October 2021 (seven performances)
Rehearsals:    Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons from mid- August


Ron Patterson, husband and father of three, has had some bad news – he has been told he has a terminal illness and doesn't have much time left to live.
So, with exactly 111 minutes left on the clock, he decides to share this with his family by calling them together for a party.
The play revolves around the reaction to this news from his wife Dawn, his son Michael and his two daughters Debbie and Karen. Ron, forever the organiser, has set up a process through which he hopes to hear what sort of a father he has been. Needless to say, the result is not quite what he expected.

This black comedy romps along with skeletons rapidly exiting cupboards, admissions of infidelity and general dishonesty. Hilarity with the odd touch of pathos ensues.

ages approximate only

Ron Paterson –50’s to 60’s – very much the patriarch, robust, decisive
Dawn Paterson – 50’s to 60’s – warm and lovable but surprisingly astute
Michael Paterson -late 20’s to early 30’s – very driven, tense and image conscious
Debbie Paterson -late 20’s – independent, creative and fun loving but also vulnerable
Karen Paterson - early 20’s – spoilt, self-absorbed, petulant
Ted Wilkins - 20’s to 30’s - the undertaker, male or female – polite, personable, eager to please

For further information
contact the director, Ewen Coleman by email, or 027 428 8491

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