Khandallah Arts Theatre Inc.

Cinderella (Summer Play in the Park) - February 2017

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Fig1. - Caitlin, Lisa, Jessica and Jacynta rehearse "teasing Cinders" scene
A Cinders, sisters and Grabber.jpg

Fig2. - The first wardrobe fitting for Blair (prince's right-hand man)
B costume fitting 1.jpg

Fig3. - Wardrobe mistress Elisabeth adjusts the length of Lynn's costume as the fairy godmother
C costume fitting 2.jpg

Fig4. - Practising dance steps for the ballroom scene
D dance practice 2.jpg

Fig5. - Bella and Joseph (mice) still have to rehearse with an imaginary pumpkin - the "real" one isn't made yet
E imagining the pumpkin.jpg

Fig6. - Director Marty keeps his eye on the action
F Marty directing.jpg

Fig7. - Caitlin (Cinderella) has been told she can't go to the ball
G sad Cinderella.jpg

Fig8. - Jacynta (Grabber the cat) is "loved" by the nasty sisters, Jessica (left) and Lisa (right) much more than they care for Cinderella
H sisters and Grabber.jpg

Fig9. - Troy (musical accompanist) and Richard (the baron) relax between scenes
I Troy and Richard waiting.jpg

Fig10. - (left to right) Emily, Bella and Maya (mice) wait for their next entrance
J waiting.jpg

Fig11. - Troy (cornet) and Lynn (fairy godmother) learn the tune with coach Charlotte
K working out the tune.jpg

Fig12. - Cinderella and her Prince
The Prince has found his true love.jpg