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A Potpourri of Plays, May 14 to 16, See here.

Auditions for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, April 11 Auditions here.

Rehearsed reading at the next club meeting on Friday May 28.

Coming Events

A Potpourri of Plays May 14 - 16

Overtones by Alice Gerstenberg
Written in 1915 this is considered the earliest example of a play that dramatizes the unconscious on stage. Along with Gerstenberg's ability to write witty, interesting dialogue, this intriguing format made the play an instant success when it was first performed.

Enigma by Floyd Dell
A man and woman are sitting at a table. It seems clear that they are lovers who are breaking up. But do they actually even know what’s happening? It turns out to be quite the enigma.

Two Metres by Shauna Mc Coole
An up-to-the-minute, topical comedy about what Covid-19 is doing to how we react to events and interact with others.

Skits and Short Pieces performed by our Youth Theatre Skills group.
This potpourri of performances will also include a few short pieces performed by the participants in this year’s workshops.

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Full 2021 programme

February 20, 21, 27, 28 Play in the Park: The Reluctant Dragon

February 27, 28 Auditions for Short Season of Short Plays

March 17 AGM

March – April Youth Theatre Skills Programme

April 11 Auditions for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mike Hudson

May 14 (Friday evening), 15(Saturday evening), 16 (Sunday matinee) A Potpourri of Plays

May 28 Club night, 7.30pm

June 4 & 11 Auditions for October production

July 22 – 31 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mike Hudson

October 14 – 23 October production