Khandallah Arts Theatre Inc.

Coming up

Mean Jean the Pirate Queen AUDITIONS Sunday 10 November 2:30pm. Details here

60th Birthday Party.
Friday, November 22nd, 7:30pm. All welcome. Email here to let us know you're coming.



Our main bill programme for 2019

The Ugly Duckling by Rob Ormsby, director Mary Collie-Holmes.
No bookings required. Khandallah Park (Cochran Hall if wet).
Performances: February 23 - 2:30pm, February 24, March 2 and March 3 - 1:30pm and 3:30pm
Dreams?, A short season of short plays
          The Dreaming (entered in TheatreFest) by Richard James, director Hayden Rogers
          Benedict Cumberbatch Must Die (entered in TheatreFest) by Abby Howells, director Lynn Coory
          At the Bay by Kevin Boon, director Peter Clemerson
Performances: May 3 and 4 - 7:30pm, May 5 - 4:00pm
Zero Inn by Bruce Mason, director John Marwick
Auditions: Saturday April 27, at 2.00pm
Performances: July 18, 19, 20 and 25, 26, 27 - 7:30pm, July 21 - 4:00pm
Ira Levin's Deathtrap directed by David Cox
Auditions: Sunday July 21, at 2.00pm
Performances: October 10, 11, 12 and 17, 18, 19 - 7:30pm, October 13 - 4:00pm

Club Nights 2019

Friday 29th, Club Night: performance of Do You Believe in Fairy Tales? & AGM

Friday 7th, Club night: rehearsed reading directed by Charlotte Stevens

Friday, 30th, Club night: An evening of poetry readings.
Come to Cochran Hall, 106 Cashmere Avenue on Friday August 30, at 7:30pm
and find out more about Khandallah Arts Theatre, the club that’s been bringing
high-quality community theatre to the northern suburbs for 60 years.

Friday, 22nd, Club night: performance of Aladdin
The November club-night will be extra special because that is when we will celebrate KAT’s 60th birthday.

Email for further information